Formed, Deformed & Reformed

South Africa Pictures 358

The futility of listening, 

to dialogues on ideological intricacies.

Dialogues that don’t ultimately alter,

Life’s existential circumstances.

Stop the dialectic intellectual jargon,

    promoting nonsensical stances.

 Rather show love and kindness,

and humanity is pacified.

    When the quests for the heavenly life is realized,

Earthlings are formed.

In dissonance, we are deformed,

And in accordance, we are reformed.

Ego-centrism and hatred are entrapping,

their fruits are slaying.

Altruism and love are enthralling,

their profits are inspiring. 

In restitution and reconciliation,

Life is converted.

And through love,

The Beauty of humanity is fully revealed.

 Anywhere there is love-filled life,

Hope is kindled, and rekindled.

Those who love their neighbors,

Are truthfully blessed, and a blessing.

Those who love their enemies,

Are indeed truly celestial.

They are sowers of radical love,

Who will forever reap everlasting joy.

We are Formed then Deformed,

And Reformed.

Only through the chorus of love and life,

So godly and so good.


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