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Your Pet or Me: Who Would You Save?



I was listening to Steve Harvey Morning Show on radio this morning (12/12/14), and a guest said he’s been married for about 8 years, has three kids, and a dog. Then he jokingly said he loved his dog more than two of his children.

I thought that was funny! I reflected back to my teenage years in Nigeria, and remember that one of my uncles had two German shepherds he took very good care of, and won’t spare any cost whatsoever when it came to his dogs. My cousins and I would joke then that he seemed to love the dogs more than he loved human beings. The dogs were fed with the kind of food most average families in Nigeria couldn’t afford. The dogs had access to the best vet clinic in town, and also had professional dog trainers coming to train them from time to time.Adler-not-a-tool-WisdomQuotes

Yes, the…

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